Research Associate

Scientific assistance, regulatory and administrative affairs, ordering, management of
instrument suites

Tel.: +49 391 67 15542

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Gene fusions in pancreatic cancer, supervision doctoral students.

Main MTLA/Laboratory Management

head lab technician, quality control, head operator of the stem cell media reactor pipeline

Tel.: +49 391 67 15546

Resident/Clinician Scientist /EKFS Fellow

I am studying mechanotransductive processes involved in liver regeneration and tumor
biology. Therefore, we established the isolation and cultivation of organoids derived from
primary healthy and tumor tissue. Furthermore, I want to use hiPSC derived hepatocyte-like
cells for the analysis of defined liver tumor models.

Tel.: +49 391 67 25445

Electrical Engineer

I am an electrical engineer developing prop type for tumor stem cell detecting chronic
implant. My work combines system modeling, hardware production and equipment as well
as data science.

Postdoc/Postdoctoral Fellow

I conduct data mining to propose novel transcriptomic and epigenetic diagnostic and/or
therapeutic targets for cancer patients, for subsequent functional and mechanistic evaluation
in wet lab research in MES. I also analyze OMICS data retrieved from prospective clinical trials
of Magdeburg surgery patients and thereof derived-disease models.

Ph. D Candidate

Concentrating on elucidating cancer recurrence dynamics through a platform
originating from cancer stem cells in liquid biosamples, leveraging the CRISPR
Cas methodology. Concurrently, I am endeavoring to establish the 3R paradigm,
harmonizing in vivo and in vitro disease models at the epigenetic stratum.

Tel.: +49 391 67 28242

Doktorandin/Graduate Student
Med. PhD student (full time)

Considering the advances in minimal-invasive surgery, the question of the immunological
differences in the postoperative course based on the surgical approach
needs to be answered. Therefore, my research focuses on the inflammatory
reaction in patients undergoing laparoscopic/robotic-assisted or open liver surgery.
By investigating primary tissue and blood samples, I want to determine prognostic factors
for postoperative complications and patient outcome.

Med. PhD student (full time)

Pancreatic tumors exhibit one of the lowest five-year survival rates among all cancer types
As a medical student, my research concentrates on the pathophysiology of pancreatic tumors.
Specifically, I am investigating the significance of the protein BAMBI and
specific miRNAs within the signaling pathways and metabolic mechanisms of pancreatic
tumors. These components possess potential as diagnostic indicators and
targets for therapeutic intervention.

Med. Doktorand

Neurological symptoms after surgical interventions are a problem many patients suffer from.
My research focuses on different surgical and anesthetic parameters to assess their particular
importance for neurological damage during and after the intervention.
I include especially the postoperative cognitive dysfunction and the critical illness
polyneuropathy/myopathy as a result of neurological damage.

Med. Doktorand, DAAD-Stipendiat

Studying HiPSCs derived intestine and base/ primer editing for drug therapy.
Interested in cancer genetics, tumour biology, cancer stem cells and CRISPR.

Med. PhD student (full time)

I am a medical student focusing on the pathophysiology of colorectal cancer (CRC). In
particular, I´m interested in the molecular marker collagen 10 (COLX), which promotes
invasiveness and aggressiveness of CRC by lateral information transfer and thus could
serve as a diagnostic marker as well as a therapeutic target.

Med. Doktorand (Vollzeit)

Liver cancer remains one of the leading causes of cancer related deaths worldwide.
I am a medical student and want to identify a new way to reduce chemoresistance in primary
liver cancer, using functional and metabolic analyses on a tumor organoid platform.

mechanical engineer

Independent consultant for MEC

I am a mechanical engineer with a major in the field of dynamics,
vibration and control. In the recent years, my focus has been mostly on ultrasound,
wave propagation, Dynamical mechanical analysis,
rheometric analysis of biological tissues and statistical analysis of the data.

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