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Colorectal carcinoma (colorectal cancer) is one of the most common malignant tumors in Germany, with more than 46,000 new cases and approximately 26,000 deaths per year. Colorectal cancer affects people of all ages. A therapy adapted to the tumor stage increases the chances of cure. Surgery is of particular importance in early tumor stages. The procedure we use, the technique of complete mesocolic excision (CME), reduces the risk of recurrence after surgical removal of the tumor. The use of minimally invasive, gentle surgical techniques (keyhole surgery: laparoscopic or robotic) reduces the postoperative complication rate and the length of hospital stay while maintaining the same oncological quality as open surgery.

The goal of our center is the early detection and optimal care of malignant diseases of the intestine. You as a patient with wishes, concerns and needs, but also you as a relative or as a colleague, are at the center of our actions. To this end, surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, gastroenterologists and pathologists work closely together. Holistic care for those affected is additionally guaranteed by specialist staff in stoma therapy, physiotherapy, nutritional counseling, psychooncology, pastoral care and social services.

The colorectal cancer center is a member of the addz (Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutscher Darmkrebszentren) and the ICRCC (International Colorectal Cancer Club) and the ESCP (About Membership | European Society of Coloproctology (

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