„I don't dawdle. I'm a surgeon. I make an incision, do what needs to be done and sew up the wound. There is a beginning, a middle and an end” (R. Selzer)

Welcome to the surgery course! We are pleased to be able to give you an insight into our subject!

The surgery course is based on lectures on the major topics you are expected to learn. Enclosed you will find a list of dates:

Lecture schedule

We recommend attending these lectures. Of course, you can read everything in a book, but it is difficult to learn about surgery only in a book: we need pictures, films, practice. The lecturers try to make their lectures as interesting as possible for you. In addition, 2 questions from each lecture topic may appear in the exam.

As far as practice is concerned, we have organized a block internship for you. This takes place over 5 days. During the block internship, you will get to know the daily routine in surgery on the ward and go with you to the operating room. You will take most of it with you when you sign up for an OR and prepare and follow up on it. Look at the relevant anatomy, try to visualize the main steps and summarize it all in a short OR report after the surgery. Ask, ask, ask !!! The one who learns best also knows , what he wants to learn! Talk to your doctors and let them explain everything you want to learn!

Rotation plan block internship

Weekly schedule visceral surgery

For those of you who are already fascinated by surgery, we offer an additional course:

Passion for Surgery

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