Practical Year

Congratulations! You are finally in the practical year!

Surgical rotations are one of the mandatory rounds. Regardless of what your future job as a physician will be, you should have basic surgical skills (e.g., assessing a wound, changing a dressing, removing sutures, assessing an abdomen, …). A learning objectives catalog (PJ-Logbuch) ihas just been updated for you.

Every training is based on a contract: sit down with your ward physician on the very first day and discuss with her/him what is important to you. Think about what you want to learn and write down each day what you learned. This way you will see at the end of the tertial if you have achieved your goals - your personal PJ logbook will be very useful. 

We encourage you to use your time with us to learn how to manage a station:

  •  Learn to summarize cases in a meaningful way and present them in a way that identifies problems and suggests solutions, learn to talk to patients, listen to them, and eliminate their fears.
  • It is certainly recommended that in the beginning you follow the resident and observe his activity. After that, try to take over some of their responsibilities more and more under supervision:
  •  Fill out x-ray slips, sign up for consults, listen to educational talks, and help out in the operating room as part of the team. If you want to be a surgeon, this is definitely the most exciting experience for you. If you don't want to be a surgeon, it makes a lot of sense because this is probably your last chance to gain knowledge that you will certainly need as a non-surgeon.

You don't need any special preparation: You should learn during the PJ. We do not require anything except the theoretical knowledge from your studies.

For those who are planning a future in surgery, we recommend the optional courses, which you can also find under "Passion Surgery".

For questions you can always contact us at the email 

We look forward to the start of your PJ and welcome you with great anticipation to the high value that teaching enjoys in our hospital.

We look forward to greeting you in person!

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