Clinical Elective

You would like to complete your clinical elective in general surgery! We are happy about that!

The activities of a intern are not fixed. How much you are "allowed" to do always depends on how much you are involved.

Your standard duties on the ward will include:

Perform blood draws and place venous accesses


  • Assist nursing with infusion administration and dressing rounds.
  • admit new patients (medical history, clinical status)
  • Present admitted patients to the ward physician.


Students assist in the operating room. We take special care to ensure that you understand the most important steps of the procedure and that the anatomy is explained and not just "holding hooks".

However, you will learn the most if you think about what exactly you want to learn beforehand.

We don't force you to write doctor's letters, but you can certainly learn to do that!

We recommend that you try to follow a patient from start to finish:

Take the patient in, present the patient, fill out X-ray and consultation notes under our supervision, be present for explanations and examinations, and try to still be present at the surgery! Prepare the operation before and after!

Use for example for your preparation.

Request weekly meetings with your ward physician: Tell him what you want to learn and get feedback:

Where do you stand? What should you do differently? How can you improve further?

We favor surgery with all our heart and are happy to share this passion with you. You don't need any special prior knowledge, only what you learn in your medical studies (the theoretical knowledge). We will teach you the rest. The thing you need to bring is enthusiasm!

Here are two testimonies from students who recently interned with us:

- As a trainee in surgery, you are permanently assigned to a ward, which makes it easier to settle in on the ward. The team is very nice, student-friendly, you are shown and igiven clear nstructions and are also allowed to undertake a lot of responsiblities, depending on your interests and under supervision. The OR program is varied and as a student you are often 'at the table'. On the ward, you can work relatively independently. Because you alternate between the ward and the OR, you are actually busy all the time and there are no long idle periods. There is also the possibility to accompany a service and thus to experience acute cases directly. Overall, the clinical traineeship in the Department of General and Visceral Surgery at the University Hospital is really fun and you learn and see a lot of new things during that time."

M.F. (medical internship April und September 2014)


- "I can best explain my experience at the General, Visceral, Vascular and Transplant Surgery with the term "Famulatur":

* Asking questions as soon as something is unclear or just out of curiosity, these were always answered as if you were already a full-fledged colleague!

* Hands on and educational - not just watching the (operating) "table" from a distance.

* Participation in ward rounds, tumor boards, presentation of patients, operations.

* And you didn't feel like a fifth wheel, you were part of the team!

* Learning how to have conversations with patients so they too understand what is happening to them during surgery!

* Being a doctor in surgery, what is all involved and what are the opportunities!

* Dare! Again and again we were encouraged and asked to try something new!

* Oops! Mistakes happen and are important. You learn from them, here it was explained to me how to avoid mistakes and what you can do better!

* Get out of the dull theory and into the practice! If you want to know what everyday surgery is really like, this is the right place!

* I would like to thank you for a fantastic internship in which I was able to get to know surgery and the passion of our surgeons for this specialty! I highly recommend anyone to give it a try!"

M.R. (medical internship Sept 2014)

If you have decided to join our clinic, please apply for a clinical traineeship with a short curriculum vitae, a current certificate of enrollment and the desired period of time and send your documents to:   .

If you are enrolled at a foreign university, please send your application directly to the International Office.t Medizinische Fakultät/Universitätsklinikum Magdeburg A. ö. R. - AAA ( There, the submitted documents are reviewed and forwarded according to the request. 

We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss further details.

We are look forward to meeting you!

The doctors team
(Clinic for General, Visceral, Vascular and Transplant Surgery)

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