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Herr Dr. med. V. Negrini

Nurse Regine Kaiser

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Referral is possible directly through the general practitioner or the specialist.


Chronic Wounds

Dear patients,
dear family doctors and colleagues,

Wounds that last longer than 8 weeks are called chronic wounds.

Every chronic wound represents a considerable impairment for the patient due to pain, impaired mobilization, odor development and/or fluid leakage ("secretion"). In addition, every wound is a portal of entry for bacteria and therefore carries the risk of far more extensive infections up to and including sepsis.

Causes for the development of chronic wounds include various vascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, and poor nutritional status. In addition, incorrect positioning of patients and immobility lead to the development of pressure sores. In the field of general and visceral surgery, chronic wounds can develop after surgical interventions.

We therefore work closely with the respective departments on an interprofessional basis.

During the inpatient stay, we care for patients from a wide range of departments.

In our special consultation, we aim to identify the cause of the wound, initiate the necessary treatment and thus enable wound healing or prevent the occurrence of further wounds.

To care for inpatients, please contact Nurse Regine Kaiser (806102) or Mr. Negrini.

 Treatment Offers:


  • modern wound treatment
  • VAC therapy
  • Pulsed water scalpel
  • Jet lavage


  Please bring the following with you at your first appointment: (if available)


  • Previous medical reports, previous wound therapy
  • Findings, e.g. bacterial smears (MRSA)
  • Arterial or venous vascular status
  • All medications currently being taken




We are the contact for your questions and concerns especially on the subject of

„ Stoma and Continence“.

The objective of our team

- We offer quality assurance of stoma therapy

- The basic care in the rehabilitation process is an integral part of the everyday life of the stoma carrier.

- It must offer him security, support his health management, fulfill the preventive character of rehabilitation and support his independence and self-determination.


Stoma therapy supports those affected to build the "bridge" from life before the stoma - to life with the stoma.
We advise them comprehensively about: Nutrition, personal hygiene, clothing, partnership, occupation, leisure and sports.
We train you in the handling and care of a small intestine, large intestine or urostoma.
We guide you to independent handling of the stoma, if desired also with the relatives.
We guarantee an individual referral to a homecare company to ensure stoma care and care/counseling after hospitalization.
We provide all important information about life with the stoma in a pre-operative discussion.
We draw the possible stoma placements to find the optimal placement for them.
We supply the stoma and carry out an individual and optimal fitting with a system that is suitable for you.

In addition, we advise and educate them on continence problems.


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